Technical Memorandums

This page includes links to technical memoranda created for the SRWA. Please click the links below to review these documents.

  Water Supply Alternatives
  Operations Technology Preliminary Design
  Summary of Life Cycle Cost Analysis Tool
  Manganese Removal Bench-Test Results Nov 2018
  Preliminary Design of Replacement Bridge at Aldrich Road and TID Ceres Main Canal
  Bench Test Results - Seasonal Ozone Demand
  Raw Water System Surge Analysis
  Finished Water System Surge Analysis
  Draft Pre-design of the SRWA Water Treatment Plant
  Preliminary Design of SRWA Raw Water Pump Station
  Source Water Quality Assessment
  Addendum to Cost Comparison TM.pdf
  Project Definition at Conclusion of Phase 1
  Bench Test Results
  Treatment Process Alternatives 2
  Allocation of Surface Water Supply Project Costs
  Historical Water Quality Assessment
  Public Outreach Plan
  Transmission Pipeline Low Flow Velocities
  Treatment Process Alternatives
  Water Quality Sampling Plan
  Funding Strategy
  Pipeline Alignment
  Prelim Phasing and Plant Sizing
  Treatment Performance Goals