General Documents

This page includes links to documents created for the SRWA. Please click the links below to review these documents.

  RSWSP Design-Build Solicitation RFQ Addendum #1
  Final Environmental Impact Report
  RSWSP Design-Build Solicitation RFQ
  Surface Water Supply Project, Wet Well Fact Sheet
  DEIR Meeting Notice
  SRWA DEIR Appendices
  RFP for Construction Mgmt Services Wet Well Addendum #1
  RFP for Construction Mgmt Services Wet Well bid log
  General Manager Request for Proposal
  RFP for Construction Mgmt Services Wet Well.pdf
  Notice of Intent to Adopt a Mitigated Negative Declaration for the Infiltration Gallery Testing Project
  General Project Overview - Summer 2017
  Surface Water Supply Project Financing Fact Sheet
  GM RFP and Job Description
  SRWA BYLAWS Amended - January 2017
  SRWA RFP - Program Management Services
  SRWA JPA Amended Agreement - December 2015
  RFP Referenced Document - Horizon - Final CEQA Gap Analysis
  SRWA JPA Agreement
  Regional Surface Water Supply Project White Paper
  RFP Referenced Document - IS-MND Infiltration Gallery Special Run 9