The Stanislaus Regional Water Authority (SRWA) is a Joint Powers Authority (JPA), which includes the California Cities of Ceres and Turlock, and also includes participation by the Turlock Irrigation District (TID), although TID is not part of the JPA. The SRWA has been evaluating water supply options to serve the existing and future water demands of municipal and industrial water customers within both cities service areas. Each of the cities is authorized to develop, obtain, and provide a municipal and industrial water supply, pursuant to California law.

Due to the unsustainability of the groundwater basin from which both cities entirely obtain their water supply, and on-going groundwater quality issues, the SRWA is aggressively moving forward with developing a Regional Surface Water Supply Project (RSWSP) that will provide a safe and reliable high quality treated surface water supply to supplement supplies for both cities, to help meet the long-term drinking water needs of each participating city.

The Participants formed the SRWA for the purpose of making responsible decisions related to the development and operation of the future RSWSP. For the latest information on the RSWSP, click here.

What's New

Summer 2017 Project Update

The Regional Surface Water Supply Project (RSWSP) is a collaborative effort that will provide water from the Tuolumne River via an existing set of perforated pipelines installed in gravel about 8-feet below the bottom of the river bed, a new intake structure and pump station, treat the raw water to drinking water standards, and deliver it to the SRWA service areas for municipal and industrial uses.

Website launched

SRWA has created a new website to better serve you. Our new site is mobile-friendly and will keep you informed on all the latest project news.